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ttetsuo asked: ahhh i still havent played the prof layton games yet but this blog makes me want to so bad arghh (your art is adorable btw!!) ;u;

oh my gosh THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!! :’D <3 i’m so glad!

Open RP



*is back at it again at kripsy kreme*



Clive stared at his fellow companion. He did not want to deal with this shit today.

"I swear, bro. If you get us kicked out of another fucking Krispy Kreme, I will make sure you’ll never be able to taste another fucking doughnut ever again."

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!!!!!!!! THANK YOU GUYS SOOOOOO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! im crYING

!!!!!!!! THANK YOU GUYS SOOOOOO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! im crYING

for new-gin-clever-title-goes-here, who requested ghost Aurora with Luke and Flora. I hope this is somewhat what you wanted! I like to imagine her sort of giving her blessing with these two babies :) &lt;3



everyone in the professor layton fandom is a nerd, but you’re my nerds


Professor Layton and that One Time that Everyone was Tripping Balls